Bake A Difference With Gingerbread

A festive global learning project for budding bakers of all ages

Help us to bake a difference to the lives of farmers and workers this Winter by raising money for Fairtrade. Lockdown may have put an end to coffee mornings and bake sales, but our fight for a fairer deal for farmers and workers continues!

Lockdown baking is a feel-good way to spend time with family during the Winter months and can also make a big difference to the lives of families around the world. Our Bake A Difference education pack will help you to learn about the delicious spices in Fairtrade gingerbread before creating some delicious bakes yourself! Cosy up, pour a mug of Fairtrade hot chocolate and pop the oven on…

  1. Use our Bake a Difference resources to learn about the delicious Fairtrade spices in gingerbread. The spices in gingerbread come from all over the world. With our exciting board game and fact sheets, you can learn more about the farmers in India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar and beyond who grow them.
  2. Once you’ve learnt about where their ingredients come from, it’s time to start baking with our delicious gingerbread recipe. Use our gingerbread stencil or create a gingerbread house! Share your pictures with us by email ( or Twitter (@FairtradeUKEd).
  3. This year it is difficult to hold bake sales, so get creative with your fundraising ideas. Why not hold a virtual bake-off or hold a virtual afternoon tea party? If you’re holding your bake off at school, why not bring in a £1 to support Fairtrade and enjoy a gingerbread snack? You could also ask friends and family to sponsor you to build a gingerbread house for Fairtrade!
  4. And finally, tell us how much you’ve raised. You can donate by downloading the paying in slip on the right and send it in to us with a cheque to: Fundraising Team, Fairtrade Foundation, 14 Gower’s Walk, London E1 8PY or simply pay in online here!

Thank you so much for supporting Fairtrade farmers and workers during these difficult times. For baking inspiration, take a look at these amazing bakes from last year…

If there’s anything you want to know about your donation or the Fairtrade Foundation’s work, please get in touch on 020 3301 5041 or email